Shop Talk: A New Barber Is Added To The Team




JB Vip Welcomes New Barber
We’d like to welcome our newest staff member
Mr. Travis Henderson to Johnson’s JB Vip Barber Salon.
Feel free to drop by to meet & greet, or give us a call for a cut this weekend or
schedule for call ahead same day seating. Walk-in's are also welcome, so call us today!
Dial 910-313-1912 or 910-679-6528 (voice mail line)
Thanks for being a valued JB Vip Customer. 
We look forward to servicing you again soon!






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Thanks for being a valued customer!


Shop Talk Today Was About This Nurse With Ebola Virus On A Plane: Check Out This Video


What in the world is going on?  Many of our JB Vip's today were talking about this latest encounter of the Ebola virus, and why it seems to be spreading .  We want to encourage you to be very careful!




October Is Going By Fast


Status Update

Hard to believe, but October is almost "mid-October"  Soon it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season and rush to the finish line.  The thing that makes it unbelievable is how soon ago it seems Summer was.  Did you have a chance to do all you hoped to do? Did you go on that vacation, buy that new car, or plan that dream home purchase?  Did you get that new look or hairdo you have been boasting about getting all year long?  Whichever the case, don't wait too late.  Life can be short or long depending upon the quality and value you place on it.  Hopefully when you make that final move, we will be able to witness it and celebrate with you!

Thanks for being a valued JB Vip


Natural Nail Manicures Are Back At Johnson's



Natural Nail Manicures Are Back!

Manicures are back by popular demand.  So often we pay little attention to our own hands, but we should.  Many of you have been requesting and inquiring about NATURAL nail care.  Most men, who aren't interested in getting nail extensions, gels, and color polish applications are perplexed when they walk into today's nail salons which appear to cater primarily to women.

However, there is still a need for maintaining good nail bed or (matrix) health.  Fungus, hangnails, and the potential for dead and dry skin can go unnoticed until the proper manicuring services are provided.  


Once a good manicure service is obtained, most men and women find that what their hands are not only attractive, but are softer. Soft hands are not just for women, so stop "snagging" your lady or man with those rough hands!

A professional manicure can also help you to relax muscles that are mostly used and poorly attended; your hands and arms!!! So don't deprive yourself any longer.  Make an appointment for a JB Vip manicure service today.